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This is a show based on a theme where a boy and his imaginary friends were used to stay together at an orphanage. The creators of the show include Craig McCracken, Lauren Faust and Mike Moon. The star casts of the show were Keith Ferguson, Grey Griffin, and Sean Marquette. Vince Aniceto and Ryan Slater were the producers of the show. The team of music director involves James L. Venable, Jennifer Kes Remington. This show has a classic theory about the 2000s, Cartoon Show. The show was aired on Cartoon Network from 2004 to 2009. The storyline of the show was a creative and talented eight-year-old boy.

This boy is bloo’s creator and best friend. Everyday Mac used to visit Foster. Mac is quite attached to Bloo, and his fear was to lose him. Most of the times Mac is the voice of reason for his friend's decision making. Mac used to gain energy when he eats sugar, and he also had a crush on Frankie. The concept of the show was quite different as compared to other shows. These imaginary friends can be totally seen, heard and felt based on the circumstances. They were outgrown by children. Madame Foster founded Foster's home which belongs to imaginary friends. She did that to provide a foster home for imaginary friends of Mac. These all odd characters were given by the show’s creators. Mac strikes a type of deal with Madame and Bloo was not planned for adoption.

Madame runs this home with her imaginary friend named Mr. Herriman with her 22-year granddaughter. Her name was Frankie. The show consists of some of the most entertaining elements; it becomes, even more, fun when they consider one of the interesting theories by Frankie was an imaginary friend too. Frankie is just like Madame Foster, and her clothing was a way similar to the younger version of Madame Foster. The idea behind this whole scene is that Madame Foster was too old and she was imagining a younger version for her.

One of the different theories involved in the show was that Frankie had never imagined friends of her own. She always acts as a Human. But no one really doubted her regarding her originality whether she is human or not. In terms of fact, maybe Frankie was also unaware of this fact. The show was on light mode, and it often creates joke on humans where within the series the imaginary friends were involved with Human crushes.