Hindi Tv Show Big Memsaab

Big Memsaab Hindi Tv shows on Big magic

Big Memsaab is areality show broadcast on Big Magic TV channel. Big Magic TV channel is a channel of reliance broadcast network limited. Big magic is a show, where housewives of rural area get a chance to show their skills and abilities along with their creativity. This is a knockout show where after every episode a housewife must be eliminated. This show has also another Punjabi version which name is big Punjabian. The housewives of rural area, do not get any chance to show their ability. Many of them have some specialty. Some of them can sing well on the other hand, some of them can dance well. But as a result of lacking of opportunity their ability and specialty becomes useless after a certain time. But, with this show, they get a real chance.

That is why this show became very popular, especially in rural area. HOST Parul Chauhan Parul Chauhan is the host of this show. She is a model as well as Television actress. She has hosted a lot of tv shows. She was born in Uttar Pradesh. She has been working in this industry since 2007 to present.