Hindi Tv Serial Har Mod Par

Har Mod Par Hindi Tv serials on Sahara tv

Har Mod Par is a drama serial that used to air on Sahara TV. It premiered on 4th March 2002 and was aired on weekdays at 8 pm. The serial was one of the first to veer away from the archaic family soap format. It was conceived by Rakhi Tandon, who was also the producer of the show.

The show had several directors, including Jitendra Kumar and Rahul Mewawala. The show was shot in Charkop, in the suburbs of Mumbai, in order to replicate the atmosphere of a small town. The serial focuses on socially important themes such as the practice of ‘sati’ and child marriage.

The main character is a young girl called Hansa, who is married off at a very young age. She is widowed on the same day she gets married, as her husband dies mysteriously.

She is put under a lot of pressure, but she refuses to conform to society’s norms about what she should do as a widow and puts forward a spirited fight against social evils.

The serial was highly praised for its uniqueness as a message-oriented serial in contrast to most other serials that were mindless, droning serials.