Hindi Tv Serial Gutur Gu 2

Gutur Gu 2 Hindi Tv serials on Sab tv

GuturGu is the first ever silent comedy serial in India, produced by B.P. Singh and directed by Prabal Barua. The serial starts with a good cast.

The protagonist Balu is featured with his wife, parents and a servant named Pappu. Season 2 revolves around a series of incidents and confusion that Balu and his family faces daily be it power cut, weather problem or long guest arrivals. The family is presented unique in its own kind with love for each other and good comedy even though there are no dialogues.

The costumes are must to look at as they represents the character where the ladies are house wives. Pappu is a servant, head of the family is a retired carnal, and Balu is a normal working guy wearing funny pants as formal dress. The lights and background music makes it fun to be a part of and understand the concept of the serial, the actors had put in great effort in acting; their gestures and expressions make people understand theirwork, it’s amazing to see how people do comedy without speaking!

All in all it’s a great silent family show liked by all ages and generations with good comedy. It helps pass your time with cute and crazy fun activities they do. It’s the hard work of the cast to make the series so likable that it has 3 long seasons. -