Hindi Tv Serial Dil Se Dosti

Dil Se Dosti Hindi Tv serials on Sony entertainment

Dil Se Dosti was telecast on Sony Entertainment Televisions. It was a story of six friends who grow up together first in school and later in college. It is about Pooh, Soni, Joy, Annie, Pari and Pallavi- three boys and three girls who know nothing about life but know how to enjoy life to a full extent. They spend life together, dream together and accept their relationships unconditionally. There are no terms and rules in their friendship. They tell each other that they will not fall in love but still continue in friendship. They tell each other that love fades away but friendship cannot, friendship is forever. The show was aimed at youth. It targeted youth audiences but later even grabbed the interest of a whole family audience.

The reason the show became popular on Sony TV was because it sketched the character of youths well. Could the friends control their heartbeats and remain as friends and not lovers? It is a best love story told between friends. The serial was funny and had dramatic turns in every episode. The story ended when friends became lovers. But did they get married too?