Hindi Tv Serial Beta Hi Chahiye

Beta Hi Chahiye Hindi Tv serials on Big magic

Beta Hi Chahiye was a drama series which was broadcasted on Big Magic TV Channel. This serial is written by Anupama Yadav and Vijay Pandit and directed by Bhupesh Kumar. Theme music was composed by Prakash G Nar. Executive producer is Utkarsh Wali and the show was produced by Simi Karna. Editor of this serial is Gaurav Mishra.

The whole story is about a girl’s life whose name is Saroja. She gets married to a man who has a complex family. The girl faces a lot of problems when she gives birth to a girl child. This serial was very popular in India. Many women liked this serial because many of them face the same problem in their practical life. The serial started on 20th may 2013 and it is still running.

 'Ankit Bathla' has played the main male role in this serial. He was born on 10th October 1988 in New Delhi. He has been working in this industry since 2009 to present. He is a television actor. He is famous for playing a role in a TV serial named Haman Sass Leela and he played the role of Ayush Parekh. He is still working in this industry.