Hindi Tv Serial Ashk

Ashk Hindi TV SERIALS on Zindagi TV

Ashk belongs to the romance genre. It was originally a Pakistani drama show which used to come on GEO TV on every Tuesday at 8:35 pm. Sarmad Sultan Khoosat was the director of the show whereas Zafar Mairaj was the writer. It later came on Zindagi TV under the same name in November 2015. The show was produced by Humayun Saeed and Abdullah Kadwani under the banner 7th Sky Entertainment. The show had a slogan with it, “Love Perfected through Pain.” The title song of the show is sung by Sajjad Ali whereas Waqar Ali composed it.

This show is one of the most popular Pakistani shows. “Ashk” means tear. The cast of the show included Fawad Khan aka Rohail Hayat, Neelam Munir aka Zaibunnissa who is nicknamed as Zaibu, Mehreen Raheel aka Madiha, Resham aka Mehrunnissa who is nicknamed as Mehru, Seemi Raheel aka Rohail's mother, Sohail Sameer aka Bilal, Irfan Khoosat aka Ramzan who is Bilal's father, Mohsin Gillani aka Mansoor, Tipu Shareef aka Bhedi Singh, and Shafqat Cheema aka Dinga.

Rohail has to marry Mehr-u-Nisa, his cousin so he goes to Pakistan for the same. He has never experienced love, neither its pain, nor its sweetness. He is completely unaware from the feeling of love even though Madiha, his friend back in Turkey only loves him. Madiha is not happy by all this. She even tries to convince but is unsuccessful in doing so. He chooses to go to Pakistan rejecting her love. Zaib-u-Nisa, Mehr-u-Nisa's sister loves Mehr-u-Nisa a lot and so she plans to test whether Rohail is correct for Mehr-u-Nisa or not.

But the twist comes when in between all this, Rohail starts falling in love with Zaib-u-Nisa. Even all her imperfections seem perfect for him as it is said that all reasons become powerless in front of love. The story is about his love strong enough to withstand all the tests and still be strong? Rohail chooses Zaibu for marriage, and she agrees. But later it is revealed that she accepted to marry just to take revenge of her Aapi and mother's insult. Zaibu does everything she can for the revenge.

She behaves badly with Rohail wears inappropriate clothes on the occasion of reception party where she was supposed to wear bridal clothes, tries to make Rohail jealous by bringing a guy without telling anyone that she had tied rakhi to him before all this, drinking alcohol, blaming Rohail, etc. but Rohail tolerates everything quietly and even forgives her for all her antics. However, the twist comes when Rohail gets into the influence of Madiha after coming close to her and becomes stubborn. Meanwhile, Zaibu realizes that Rohail has no fault in anything and starts loving him truly.

After that what follows is simply personality change as Zaibu becomes as Rohail and Rohail becomes like Zaibu, i.e. Rohail starts to be ignorant like Zaibu was in the beginning while Zaibu becomes extra good like Rohail was in the beginning. Zaibu becomes the obedient wife and does everything for the forgiveness of Rohail but he becomes caring towards Madiha and sends Zaibu to Pakistan. But at the end, they reunite. Ashk shows many different kinds of love, father's love for his daughter, younger sister's love for her elder sister who was also her surrogate mother, and also the love of a person for his/her soulmate