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Amrita is an inspirational story of women named Amrita. Her husband is missing from a long time. Karan Razdan Karan Razdan is a Bollywood actor. He was born in >> Read More... is the Director of the Show. The story spins around her obstructions of confronting the judgemental world and how she succeeds at last. Amrita represents the adventure of an Indian lady who is alone. Amrita depicts the story of a single parent who confronts all chances, battles her fight with an unfair society and develops triumphant at last.

Tripurari Sharan, the head of DD National with his team has started its patch-up drive with a committed opening for evening shows of all hues, classes and feelings. This slot is called ``DD Dopahar...Aapke Ghar´´. It began on 31st March. The timings of Shows in this slot is from 12 pm to 3 pm. DD National's new prime-time slow conveys a progression of new serials to edify its viewers. Top Directors and Producers from the Television Industry like 'Karan Razdan', ' Sudhir Pandey Sudhir Pandey is a TV and cinema actor. Born on De >> Read More... ', ' Harry Baweja Harry Baweja was born in 1956. His father was a bu >> Read More... ', 'Manatee Dey', 'Paintal', etc. introduce new Shows.

The TV Serials have some notable names and faces from the Television Fraternity. Shaping an alluring bunch, DD National showcase these TV Shows back-to-back, leaving no negotiation for the substance hungry viewers to try and slowly inhale in the middle. The Serials on DD prime-time have a varied genre, extending from family dramatisation, social shows, sentiment to sit-coms, where issues like ladies strengthening and sexual orientation. The DD Dopahar demonstrates that intend to catch the heart and psyche of the Indian viewers are `Lakeerein Kismat Ki´, `Anudamini´, ` Ghanteshwar Prasad Ghantewale Ghanteshwar Prasad Ghantewale was first aired in 2 >> Read More... ´, `Yeh Shaadi Hai Yaa Sauda´, `Chitthi Tere Naam Ki´, etc.

The Show ``Amrita´´ air on every Monday to Friday at 12 noon on Doordarshan Channel. ' Swati Rajput Swati Rajput is a prominent Indian film and televi >> Read More... ' plays the role of Amrita in the Serial. She is a talented Actress and has done great work as the leading lady of ``Amrita´´. She worked in many Hindi TV Shows and Advertisements. She acted in ``Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?´´, ``Tujhse Naaray Nahi Zindagi´´, etc. Aditi Dadhich plays the role of parallel lead, Shilpa. 'Aditi' is an Indian Actress who worked in a number of Shows in Television Industry.

Currently, she is doing a role in popular soap opera `` Mere Angne Mein Mere Angne Mein is an Indian comedy-drama TV serie >> Read More... ´´ on Star Plus Channel. Vijay Badlani Vijay Badlani is a versatile actor who works in Hi >> Read More... plays the negative lead on the Show. He is an immensely talented Actor and has done various roles in Television Shows and Hindi movies. He worked as a Supporting Actor in some big banner films such as ``My Name Is Khan´, ' Special 26 Click to look into! >> Read More... ', `` Karthik Calling Karthik Click to look into! >> Read More... ´´, etc.