Hindi Series Rudra

Rudra Hindi Series on Nickelodeon

Rudra is a Hindi cartoon series broadcast on the Nickelodeon channel. In this series, a magician named Rudra lives in the magical city of Joyland. Rudra has the most powerful magician of all times, Jai Singh, as his grandfather, who teaches him new tricks. His grandfather has appointed Rangeela as Rudra’s servant to protect Rudra and his friends from evil magical forces. An evil sorcerer named Shakaal, his partner Shakalina, and his niece and nephew live in the neighboring village. They also have a servant. Shakaal is a greedy man who envies Jai Singh’s powers and his magical world.

In the city of Joyland human beings as well as non-living things, both fly. There are magical trees of different colored leaves and mushrooms as big as trees in this magical place. It is a world where Centaurs and Unicorns exist while the trees talk and walk. It is an entirely different world from the one we are used to. Rudra protects his friends at all costs and places their safety above everything. Rudra’s friends are a bespectacled boy and a girl named Maira. Maira’s magic just works on the bespectacled boy, so she resists using magic, as it always results in accidents. Rudra’s friends also protect him at all costs. Rudra protects the creatures of the magical jungle of Joyland. Rudra and his friends have flying skateboards. There are magical walls that are invisible, and Rudra has to break them, in order to help the kidnapped creatures of the forest to escape. Rudra is kind and protects his forest and its creatures.

Once a magician named Katrina, who had an army of cats to harass the people of the village, transformed all the dogs and human beings' voices into a cats' voice. She transforms Rangeela into a cat. But Rudra manages to save both Rangeela and the people transformed into cats. During the festival of Diwali people from Rudra’s city celebrate a magical Diwali where they burn the magical crackers which create patterns in the sky. But Shakaal invites the lord of darkness to come to his city’s celebration. This lord of darkness sucks the light from the surroundings wherever he goes and leaves them in darkness. The lord of darkness becomes offended when crackers keep flying towards him and insults Shakaal and his hospitality.

Shakaal blames the neighboring city of Joyland for the disturbance. The Lord of Darkness decides to punish the people of this city by kidnapping one of Rudra’s friends. Rudra does not know any way to defeat him so he consults the library for answers as his grandfather has also been kidnapped. The Lord of Darkness takes over Jai Singh’s palace and converts him into a statue. He plunges the city into darkness, and even the sun is not visible. But Rudra has already got an answer from the library that darkness can only be defeated by light. So he clears the clouds through magic so that the sun becomes visible and this is the end of the Lord of Darkness. The cartoon series of Rudra is available in 7 languages ie. Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Bangla, Gujarati, and Marathi.