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The Other Woman Teasers, Trailers, Videos & Songs

Directed by Nick Cassavetes, “The Other Woman” is a romantic comedy starring the famous “Jamie Lannister” of Game of Thrones, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. He plays “Mark King” who is a playboy having an extra marital affair with multiple women. The movie highlights some of the evil practices going on in the society. A married man having an affair outside his marriage has to face the anger and revenge from women.

Cameron Diaz is playing the role of one of the mistresses of Mark, who wish to seek revenge and teach him a lesson. In her pursuit, she takes the help of Mark’s wife, played by Leslie Mann and one of his other mistresses which is played by Kate Upton. All three women team up for their revenge. They call themselves, the “strangest of friends”. The movie is shot in some beautiful locations including the Bahamas and which is very evident from the trailer.

The background scenery used in some scenes look marvelous, so does the background music.This is a light romantic flick which has an impressive star cast and has picked up a critical issue prevailing in the society. Overall, “The Other Woman” would certainly appeal to the young couples all around and could help in keeping them faithful.