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Maleficent Trailers,Teasers & Video Songs

The trailer takes the viewers into a very enigmatic and charming world. A young girl starts talking about how she has felt that someone has been observing her for many years and has been protecting her. The visual effects demonstrated throughout are so astounding and pleasing that one might easily get lost into the mesmerising world. They are enormously attractive and are definitely bound to capture the hearts of people of all ages. The video received 13,127,624 views on the official Disney Movie Trailers page on Youtube.

Twenty-three videos were released by Disney for this film, which included three trailers. Maleficent is a stupendous fantasy picture. It narrates the story of a powerful fairy Maleficent who lives in the Moors, which is a magical forest adjacent to the borders of a corrupt human kingdom. Despite the borders, she befriends a young human boy named Stefan during childhood. When the king of the human kingdom announces that Maleficent’s killer would be his heir, Stefan betrays her, cuts her wings and proves to the king that he killed Maleficent.

Maleficent gets devastated by the treachery. She rules the dark kingdom with the help of Diaval, the raven. Many years pass and when King Stefan hosts a christening for his daughter Aurora, Maleficent visits uninvited and curses that Aurora would fall prey to eternal sleep on her 16th birthday. When Stefan pleads mercy, she says that Aurora can be awakened only by true love’s kiss and then leaves. Enraged Stefan sends his soldiers to kill Maleficent. He also keeps his little daughter away from the kingdom to ensure her safety.

Maleficent initially dislikes Aurora but gradually develops a sense of care and concern for the girl and becomes protective of her. Finally, Aurora meets her when she turns fifteen years old and calls her Fairy godmother because she felt her presence every moment of her life. Maleficent tries to revoke the curse, but she can’t undo it. As per the curse, Aurora slips into a deep slumber on her 16th birthday and surprisingly, Maleficent’s caring kiss on her forehead wakes her up denoting that she loved Aurora like a mother. Stefan tries to kill Maleficent in an iron net, but he is the one who dies. Everything becomes charming again with Maleficent crowning Aurora as the queen of both human kingdom and the Moor. Robert Strom berg directed this spectacular movie. It received applauding reviews from critics and the audience.