Hora nbsp Hori is Telugu film directed by Teja and produced by K L Damodara Prasad Kalyani Koduri has given the background score The movie was released in Se

Hora Hori Movie Review

Hora Hori Movie Review Telugu Movie Review
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " Hora Hori"
Runtime: 2 Hours 39 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 11-09-2015
Genre: Romance, Drama
2 / 5.0



Hora Hori is Telugu film directed by Teja and produced by K.L. Damodara Prasad. Kalyani Koduri has given the background score. The movie was released in Sept. 2015.

Plot: Maithili lives with her parents in Chennai. Her parents are worried about her marriage and are searching suitable groom for her. Basawa is a gangster and is known for his brutality. One day, on his way back home, he sees Maithili and falls in love with her. He ruins every marriage proposal her family gets so that he can marry him. Maithili gets very depressed with the series of events and locks herself in a room.

To bring her back to normal conditions, her brother shifts her in a small village near Thiruvananthapuram. She gains back her conscience after some time and falls in love with Skanda. The story takes a turn when Basawa also reaches the same village finding Maithili and gets to know about her affair. What will he do now? How Maithili and Skanda are going to react to it? To know these stuff, go and watch the movie.

Analysis: The movie is a remake of Jayam but fails to touch its standards. The movie has a very simple plot, and it does not show any creativity. It casts new actors, and they have done well enough to carry the movie. Teja has created a captivating first half with some gracious shots but has done the exact opposite in the second. You will be disappointed to see the strong character of Basawa being diluted in the second half and would want to have more of it.

Watching Hora Hori is like having a roller coaster ride as sometimes you feel high and in the very next moment, you feel the movie just dropping off. It is very slow and draggy throughout and will bore you in the mid. It has a very predictable climax and does not have anything new in the store for you.

Star Performances: Daksha gets the most of the screen in the movie, and she has impressed us all with her range of abilities and adaptability. She has wonderfully showcased the emotions throughout the movie and in damn good with it. Dileep, on the other hand, does not get much screen to offer something important but still does well, considering this his first movie. Chaswa's character as a villain is appealing, and he has embraced it. The direction of Teja is a big let down again, and he has lost his touch. However, Kalyani Koduri has done a fabulous job as a music director, and it's because of her that the movie seems a bit elevated.

What's there? It has a lot of emotions throughout and the actors has successfully expressed it. It also comprises of great music by Kalyani and the visuals make it more pleasing. The film's setup is a bit different, and you will like it. Also, there are some comic sequences in the first half which will entertain you.

What's not there? The movie has the typical direction of Teja and has nothing creative. The same old narration will bore you with the slow lace of the movie. Also, the movie is quite long and it gets difficult to handle. The editing could have been more precise to make it shorter. The movie doesn't have much to offer except a love story and some music.

Verdict: Hora Hori doesn't have much in the store for you, and it is a waste of money. However, if you are a die-hard fan of Teja, you might want to spend money on it.