Mad About Dance is a dance-oriented musical drama movie which has Sahil Prem and Amrit Maghera in main roles nbsp PLOT Mad About Dance is all about young fl

Mad About Dance Movie Review

Mad About Dance Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Mad About Dance"
Runtime: 2 Hours 16 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 22-08-2014
Genre: Drama
1.75 / 5.0



Mad About Dance is a dance-oriented musical drama movie which has Sahil Prem and Amrit Maghera in main roles.


Mad About Dance is all about young flowering aspirations of youngsters who are desperately battling against all odds to fulfill their ambitions. The lead protagonist (Sahil Prem) is currently battling the same odds as he is much passionate about dancing and can think of nothing else but dance. He goes abroad to fulfill his dreams of dancing. There he meets Aashira (Amrit Maghera) who shares the same enthusiasm and they both venture out to the world of dancing together, dance draws them together, and they develop feelings for each other. But all is not settled as they have their hopes, aspirations on the line and thus many obstacles come in front of them. The rest of the story is how these two with the help of some more friends triumph over all the difficulties and emerge victorious in their ventures.


Mad About Dance somewhere reminds us of “Step-Up” series which has lots to offer than this movie. Though made on the same good script that was present in Step-Up, Mad About Dance still fails to make you mad about it. The cinematography is decorative, and the screenplay is somewhat satisfactory but not up to the point. The other random actors just fit in, and there are no other sub-plots that could have made this movie better. Well, as long as dance is concerned this movie sure has a satisfying output . Music is nice which is expected in a dance-only movie.


Saahil looks convincing as a dancer and manages to act well too. The movie is propelled by his acting mixed with dancing efforts. Amrit mingles well with him and looks pretty while she is dancing or acting.


• Another dance movie with loads of dance moves that may compel you to dance as well.
• Nice set of tracks to keep you engaged while the lead pair shows off their dance moves.


The screenplay is a major issue that just makes the cut by the skin of its teeth.


Mad About Dance has nothing special in it; just a few dance moves thrown in with a couple of melodramas that is not up to the mark. My suggestion would be to watch “Step-Up” series if you really want to see some spicy dance affair or maybe you could give this movie one shot, but don’t fret later on that you were not warned.