Five Movie Celebrities Who Love Gambling

Five Movie Celebrities Who Love Gambling English Article

Gambling is not limited to the masses; celebrities are also humans like us; they will also like to try their hands at some gambling now and then. Some celebrities are even considered common at the best online casinos like CasinoScout.ca, while a couple of them could compete as professional gamblers at world poker championships. In this article, we will list the few movie celebrities that you can see at a casino.

Brad Pitt

You've probably heard of this popular celebrity who is considered an influential figure in the American entertainment industry. If you've heard of him, then you've probably watched the movie Ocean's 11. Pitt starred in the movie; from his role in this film, the celebrity discovered his newfound love for gambling. Pitt prefers to play casino games like poker on online slots and slot machines. The excitement he gets when he plays was described as "amazing," and he will keep playing until he gets tired of it. Fun fact: Brad Pitt didn't start gambling till his role in Ocean's 11 came about.

Matt Damon

Matt Damon is a celebrity in the movie industry, and he is also known as a professional poker and blackjack player. His gambling habits started after his role in the 'Rounders' movie. In a bid to perfect his role in the movie, Damon enrolled as a student of Johnny Chan, a professional poker player and one of the best poker players worldwide. Damon learned all he could about the famous casino game and ended up developing a passion for it. Now, he plays the poker game and visits INTERAC casinos on the internet on a regular basis, and although there are not a lot of details, we can confirm that the players have some winning records. He has also participated in several poker tournaments.

George Clooney
Well, if you've watched Ocean's 11, which starred Brad Pitt, you would know that George Clooney was the main star of the movie's franchise, Ocean's 11, 12, and 13. From this, you should be able to conclude that Clooney is also a celebrity gambler. Even before his role in the popular movie, he has always been a professional casino gambler. He collaborated with Tobey Maguire to inspire private Hollywood games. These games were used as an inspiration for 'Molly's Game' movie, which became a hit in the industry. Showing his passion for gambling, Clooney tried building a casino in Las Vegas. But this casino never saw the light of day as it was stopped at the planning stages.

Tobey Maguire

Growing up, you've probably watched Spiderman. So you should know a bit about Tobey Maguire even though he hasn't starred in lots of movies. Maguire had always love to gamble; it was said that he developed a passion for poker ever since he was a teenager. Spiderman's actor had participated in many of Hollywood's private games, used as an inspiration for Molly's Game movie. He lost some money to Ben Affleck while gambling, but that didn't stop Maguire from playing the poker games.

Jennifer Tilly

Known for her role in the Chucky franchise, Jennifer Tilly has another identity. She is a professional poker player. In 2005, Tilly took part in the World Series of Poker, swiftly claiming the gold bracelet. She also got herself in the top spot on the Ladies No-Limit Hold'em competition. She is fierce in her gambling.

This is just a small list; many celebrities love gambling or a night out at a casino. While some are known as regular at casinos, some like to keep a low profile. So it would help if you watched out. You might be playing casino games against a celebrity.