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Nepali Actor Ram Chandra Adhikari
  • Gender : Male
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Ram Chandra Adhikari is a famous comical actor in Nepal. He has been known in stages as Kaji Ba and Gopte Kaji. He was born in Kathmandu's Gothatar district. As a comic and character actor, he has appeared in over 400 Nepali films and TV shows.

At an early age, he endured harsh working conditions and embarked on overwhelming endeavors. He tolerated arduous tasks while he was working as a home help in a family. He escaped that misery by eloping off to Hetauda. In Hetauda, he found solace in a palace where he gained some money by working. Later, he traveled to Banaras, India. After some time, he returned to Nepal. He worked in an automobile workshop in Sarlahi on his way back. He eventually returned to his birthplace.

He began working for Nepal Telecom in Kathmandu (1973-1974). He appeared in a play called Sachha Prem by Bhairav Aryal for a local theatrical troupe in Jorpati around 1978-1979. Because of the success of the play, he was encouraged to collaborate with other current artists. During his career, he worked in Nepal Telecom at night and as an actor during the day. Adhikari has appeared in over 400 films and television series. His works include the following. He has also appeared in Nepal's longest-running sitcom, Meri Bassai Meri Bassai is the longest-running sitcom drama se >> Read More... (Nepali:). However, due to hospitalization, he was briefly replaced by Mukunda Shrestha in episode 780. As a result of his contributions to the business, he was the first individual to receive life insurance from the Film Development Board, a government agency responsible for promoting films in Nepal.

He has acted in films such as Love in Nepal in 2004, Jeevan Sangharsha in 1995, A Mero Hajur in 2002, and Chino in 1991. He gained respect from these films as a talented actor.

He was involved in several telefilms and series such as Meri Bassai (the longest Nepali sitcom with the involvement of numerous stars), Adhyaro Ujyalo, Prithvi Narayan Shah, Chakrabyuh, and Tadhako Basti.


Born: 17 June 2000

Age Now 24

Supriya Maskey - (Model)