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Konkani Singer M.boyer
  • DOB : 11-10-1930
  • Date of death: 30-05-2009
  • Lived For : 78 Years
  • Star Sign : Libra
  • Gender : Male
Written By - Team Nettv4u

M Boyer, whose full name is Manuel Santana Aguiar, was an Indian tiatrist. He was from Goa and very talented in acting since a young age. At 18, he wrote and performed his first play, Rinkari (Debtor). He faced discouragement from his parents and teachers, but no one could stop him from pursuing his passion, his love for the stage. Despite their efforts, he was determined and continued to follow his dream with the pseudonym M.Boyer.

M. Boyer was born on October 11, 1930, to his parents, Sebastiao Floriano Aguiar and Mariquinha Luis. He died on May 30, 2009. He's considered a legend. He had written, produced, and directed over 35 plays, composed and sang more than 1000 songs (kantaram), and participated in more than 5000 performances. 

He performed exceptionally in major Indian cities like Mumbai, Calcutta, and Delhi. He performed internationally in London, the Middle East, and East Africa and left his mark by contributing significantly to the Konkani stage. He did not have a melodious voice, yet he was amongst the most popular singers in Konkan because of his signature singing style and his lyrics. He had this ability to mesmerize his audience with the impromptu composition of vocals on stage with wit and sarcasm. Most of his songs addressed the growing decline of good values in society.

Boyer believed drama was not just a source of entertainment but also of educating and spreading knowledge to the people, inspiring them to live a better life. He mainly emphasized the message his dramas gave - peace, harmony, and moral values. Some of which include Ghor Dukhi Gaum Sukhi, Bhurgim Ani Bhangar, Chintnam Zalim Sopnam, Divorce, Kazar, Sounsar Sudorlo, Adim Tem Atam Hem, Mog, Kazari Put Xezari. One of the most notable is Ekuch Rusto, a play highlighting the communal harmony between two major Goan communities. 

He always left the stage with applauding audiences and has a notable contribution to tiatrs. People still remember him as one of the finest scriptwriters of the Konkani stage. Because of his enormous role in preserving and enriching the Goan traditions and culture, the highest cultural institution of India - The Sangeet Natak Academy, New Delhi, honored him with the Sangeet Natak Academy Award, making him the only Goan artist to have received this prestige. Taking note of his invaluable contributions, he was also awarded the prestigious Padma Shri by The Government of India.