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Konkani Singer Lorna Cordeiro
Written By - Team Nettv4u

Lorna Cordeiro, well-known as Lorna, is a Konkani singer from Goa. She was the third of the six daughters of Cecelia and Theophilus Cordeiro and was born on August 9, 1944. As a child, her voice was praised by her neighbors and friends when she sang hymns. That made her parents encourage her to sing. Her singing career started as part of a band named Bajaj And His Dance Band, which sang at weddings. She got recognized by musician, compère, and drummer Raymond Albuquerque, who first heard her on Marvè Beach, singing Where The Boys Are. Then he invited her to sing Under the Mango Tree from the film Dr. No along with his band at the Bandra fair.

Among the audience, Chris Perry was impressed by her singing, which led to her auditioning and started singing for Perry's band. This happened when she was just 15. Lorna sang with his band for more than ten years. She became a famous Jazz singer in nightclubs and luxury hotels in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Calcutta, and Madras. She later performed songs composed by Chris Perry. Her first song was Bebdo (Drunkard), shocking the audience at Miramar Beach, Goa, with such a type of song in Konkani. Soon, she was well-known for her songs like Abghat, Tuzo Mog, Nachomia Kumpasar, Amerikak Pavxi, Adeus, Pisso, Tum Ani Hanv, Mhoji Mai, Calangute, Aik Re Khobrankara, Red Rose, Sorg Tujea Dolleamni, Lisboa, Sorga Rajeant and Pavsachea Tempar.

She became so popular that the fans demanded her solo performances. But, a contract by Chris Perry to not perform with anyone else for 20 years, bounded her. Later, she left music for 23 years when she was 26. She made a comeback again in 1995, with a concert at Miramar Beach named Hello Lorna. It was possible when music director and former bandmate Ronnie Monseratte and her mother convinced her.

After much hesitation, Lorna agreed, and the concert was a huge hit. Roads leading to the venue were jam-packed, and all the enthusiasm proved that time might take away one's youthful looks but not the talent. She released an album of the same name later. Lorna's music transcends generations: Goans - young or old, all groove to her voice. Fans have given her many famous monikers, the most remarkable ones being Bessie Smith Of India and the one she is primarily identified by, Goa's Nightingale.