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Cholie Chotrai Konkani TV SERIALS on Daijiworld TV
Written By - Team Nettv4u

Cholie Chotrai is a Konkani TV serial. It premiered on 22nd January 2019. It aired every Tuesday at 9 pm on the Daijiworld TV channel. It comes under the drama, suspense, action, and romance genres. Vincent Fernandes Cascia is the director of the serial. Clarence Pinto Padi is the screenplay writer of the series. The cast includes Vincent Fernandes, Lavita Menezes, and Nishmitha in the lead roles. Other supporting cast include Shalini Fernandes, Roshan Vomanjoor, Nathan, and Floyd D’Mello Cascia. The TV show revolves around the theme of difficulties faced in raising a girl child in this era. The show tries to resonate with the parents. In the 21st century, gender roles are constantly evolving. Societal expectations often confine parents and kids from living their lives in a certain way.

The show guides the parents on how to raise their kids while maintaining a balance with other rules. The show sends a message to raise a child to be decisive but not stubborn. In a patriarchal society, a girl’s assertiveness is seen as a sign of disobedience, the show casts strong women characters to defy this act. The show guides the parents to maintain the thin line between discipline and encouragement. It also offers practical suggestions to parents on how to raise empowered girl children. The show also portrays parents as mentors rather than friends to their kids. The show provides great examples of inculcating qualities like confidence, integrity, and patience.