Smriti Sinha Hindi Actress
Smriti Sinha is an Indian actress of Bhojpuri film industry. She is one of the topmost actresses of Indian Bhojpuri films. In the last few years, her demand has increased substantially and she is one of the most highly paid Bhojpuri actresses. She was born on 4th of September. Year of her birth is kept a secret. Smriti was fond of acting since she was a child. She started acting and performing in various theatres. She then acted in a Bhojpuri film named “Rangeela Babu”. Movie was successful and got good reviews from the Bhojpuri film viewers. Smriti got popular among them. Smriti Sinha did various movies after this and all of them were successful. Some of the super hit movies of her career are “Devra Pe Manwa Dole", released in 2012, “Laadli”, released in 2012 and “Prem Diwani” released in 2013. These three movies gave her the maximum popularity among the viewers. In an interview she was asked about her hobbies and stated that partying after work something she likes very much. It was pretty much proved when she gave a grand party to all her friends and co stars on her birthday on 4th of September 2013. Every bhojpuri star and director was there. The party was in Mumbai’s one of the best clubs. She is in the best position of her career right now with a lot of demand and she is making super hit films one after another.