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Telugu Tv Serial Arundathi

Arundathi Telugu Tv serials on Zee telugu
ZEE, Telugu television presented on 13rd March 2011 a Drama television serial, Arundathi. With only one season and 145 episodes, it catches really fast to the audience and from the beginning, it became one of the most televised series in the years of 2011. It was broadcasted only on weekends, Saturday and Sunday at 10:30PM and the last episode was broadcasted on 26th March 2012. Directed by Thrishool H.G. and Written by Pruthi with a well chosen cast with great actors like Bhakti Desai, Prasa Javada, Ravindra, Mahajani, Ashwini Ekbote Mishkil and others, they all invest everything in the Arundathi. The storyline presents the life of Arundathi and her family, the father Nageshrai Jahangirdar and her brother Shantanu. Even the family of Arundathi is not as rich as they were a few years ago; they still can manage and carry with pride their ancestor’s name. Unfortunately Arundathi is blind and she followed a school for the kids with her problem. Padmini Sarajami, a rich man from Mumbai visits the Nageshrai with an offer to buy a mountain that the family owns. The father does not agree with the others, but Shantanu being greedy accepted the offer and offer his son Digvijay as a husband for Arundathi as an alliance. Shantanu lays her sister about Digvijay as being blind also and Arundathi accepts the marriage. The show reveals all kinds of emotions and rises the question what Arundathi will do when she will find the truth.