Tamil Tv Show Comedy Colony

Comedy Colony Tamil Tv shows on Jaya tv

Jaya TV is one of the most popular and loved Tamil television channels having a viewership spread across the world. Jaya TV telecasts a variety of shows belonging to varied genres including movies, game shows, serials, musicals, film-based programs, lifestyle programs, talk shows, etc. Jaya TV on Astro, plays a collection of shows from various channels- Jaya TV, Jaya Max and Jaya Plus. ‘Remembering Amma’ is currently the most popular show aired by it which plays a collection of songs featuring the late Jayalalitha, the former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. ‘Comedy Colony’ is an old classic comedy broadcasted by Jaya TV.

The first episode of the first part of the show aired in 2008 while the second part launched in 2013. The program continues to entertain people from all age groups till date. The show airs five days a week from Monday to Thursday at 6.30 p.m. on Jaya TV. The program is a funny portrayal of life and the situations that arise in the most ordinary of places. The show highlights humor that arises out of conflicts and ordeals which any ordinary man faces these days. K.Balachander’s Kavithalaya is the producer of Jaya TV’s Comedy Colony. Vivekshankar Krishnan has written the story and is also responsible for screenplay and dialogues of the program.

Malavika Avinash who is a famous television actress, as well as a highly loved anchor, plays an important character in the show. She has performed outstandingly in Kannada and Tamil TV shows as well as serials. Most of her acting projects, however, have been under the guidance of Balachander including Nilavai Pidippom where she portrays the struggle of a middle-class working woman, Pudhuyugam, Pralayam and the immensely loved Rajarajeshwari where she plays the protagonist Raji. Stress has become the way of life in today's world. The 9-5 job can fetch us a six digit salary; it's true, but in the process, we forget to enjoy the best moments of our life.

We work to achieve every possible success in our lifetime thus ignoring the precious moments that we should cherish. Comedy mixed with a story involving the everyday struggle, acts as a reminder for the necessity of fun and relaxation in our lives. Shows like Comedy Colony not only serve as a source of entertainment but also help us face the truth of life in a cheerful manner. This is the reason why shows like Comedy Colony gain immense popularity in such a short span of time.