Hindi Tv Show Dadagiri

Dadagiri Hindi tv-shows on UTV BINDASS

Dadagiri had four seasons, all of them having different concepts. UTV Bindass broadcasted this reality show. The first two seasons had the concept of ragging. The first season, “Dadagiri: Beat the Bullies”, had different contestants selected every week. They competed for Rs. 50,000 money. It came in 2008. Akash hosted the first season, and it had three bullies, Dadas. The three bullies were Srman, The Mindstein; Esha, The Goddess; and Vishal, The Beast. It dealt with the first-day experience of students in their college.

The contestants had to face ragging in three different rounds by the three bullies and compete with each other. The producers called it the meanest game show. It tested contestants on physical strength, courage, and intelligence. The second season was the highest- rated program in 2009 among all Indian youth shows. The prize money increased to Rs. 1,000,000, and it had 12 contestants. The second season had two bullies. Vishal remained as The Beast, but Esha has replaced by Sonalli Sehgall as The Goddess.

The third season had the name, D3 Commando Force: Dadagiri Against Terrorism. The show had broadcasted in 2010. It explained how to tackle terrorism, and rescue themselves and others in time of need. It used real weapons and had fourteen contestants competing for a cash prize. Captain of Indian Army, Dharamveer Singh; Captain of Special Forces, Albert Louis; and other nine ex Para Commando trained the contestants including Captain Kshitij Sharma and Vishal Dada. Vivan Bhatena hosted it. It had feelings of Courage, Honour, Pride, Glory, and Patriotism for the country.

The fourth season was a battle against male and female, named Dadagiri: The Revenge of the Sexes. It came in 2011. It had two teams of 7 members each, one male team which Vishal, The Beast, led, and the second female team which Shaurya, The Goddess, led. The fourth season was the final season for the show. Amit Tandon hosted the season 4. It was interesting to see girls compete against boys, and survive the toughest challenges. It broke the old mindset of the society, stereotypes, and myths as they fight against the boys. It not only tested them on physical strength, but also on their mental sharpness. It had an extra feature in which the winning team can take revenge from their opponents. It changes the mindset that women are inferior to men. This season increased the level of tasks, making it tougher. Season 1 remained in controversy for a slap.

Actually, in an episode, Esha slapped a contestant, Ravi Bhatia, who slapped her back. This slap was an unscripted one. Later, Ravi sent a legal notice to the makers, demanding a public apology.