Hindi Tv Serial Mallika E Kitchen

Mallika E Kitchen Hindi Tv serials on Colors tv

Mallika e kitchen is an Indian cookery show with an interesting twist in it. The show was premiered on Colors channel on 12th July 2009. It was sponsored by LG Corp. The show runs for three seasons with 48 episodes. The first season (12th July 2009 – 4th October 2009) was hosted by Shruti Seth and the second (22nd August 2010-5th December 2010) and third (25th September 2011-8th January 2012) season was hosted by 'Saumya Tandon'.

The main twist of the show was instead of cooking new dishes every day, this show stages a competition between two contestants. And then an expert chef judges them based on who cooked the same dish better. The competition is actually based on two criteria: the cooking ability of the contestants and whether food is cooked better on the stove or microwave. A celebrity guest is also invited for testing and in order to attract more viewers.

The winner gets the title of “LG Mallika E Kitchen” and an LG microwave oven. The show ends after the 48th episode on 8th January 2012.