Hindi Tv Serial Easy Sunday

Easy Sunday Hindi tv-serials on YouTube Channel

Easy Sunday is a music chartbuster show in Hindi language that airs on the channel, Sony MIX. Sony Mix is an Indian music channel under the broadcasting banner of Sony Entertainment Television (SET) further owned by Sony Pictures Networks. It is basically a core music based channel. The show, Easy Sunday was launched a year back and is still being telecasted on the channel. As the name says, the show airs on Sundays in the morning.. Now all of you would agree that after a whole week of hectic schedule and work, Sunday is that one day everyone looks up to. Sunday is the day that is meant for relaxation and rejuvenation of the body and mind.

We all use that day to relax ourselves, rest our minds and do the things we enjoy or the things that make us feel happy and comforted. Music is always considered as one of the best ways of relaxation, worldwide. Easy Sunday, the music based show gives us the perfect blend of relaxation on a Sunday. The show, Easy Sunday is a musical show where all the latest and most favorite songs from Bollywood are played. The show consists of different songs from multiple genres that are played to kick in the sense of a holiday in everyone’s minds.

The songs played in this show are all popular and favorites of the audience. There are also famous pop songs and music singles apart from Bollywood music that are played in the show. The idea of the show is to give their audience a good feel and mood on a Sunday morning. From peppy dance tracks to soulful music, this show gives you a song for every mood. All you need to do is tune in to the show and relax or enjoy with your favourite songs. The show also gives you your favorite songs on demand. Sometimes you can also make a request for a song by putting a request on their Facebook or twitter page.

The show plays the song at your demand. It also shows the next song that is about to be played after the current song so that you know what to expect. The overall blend of songs and the mix of their playlists plays with your mood and its various colors. You can just put on the show and relax in your bed or do your chores while the music is playing. You can make it right through the whole morning of a relaxed Sunday. This show is certain to put you in a very good and Sunday-y mood!