Hindi Tv Serial Dil Vil Pyar Vyar

Dil Vil Pyar Vyar Hindi Tv serials on Sony entertainment

Dil Vil Pyar Vyar is a laugh out loud comedy which aired on Sony TV. The show revolves around the story of two colleges. One is an all-boys engineering college, and the other is an all-girls dance college. These two colleges are next to each other. As expected with hormone raging boys, they were always looking for a chance to talk to the girls. But all their efforts to try and impress the girls were in vain. They rarely got lucky. The girls would routinely ignore the boys and stay as far from them as possible. One fine day, however, Sanjay has had enough. He decides to get into the girls’ college by any means necessary. Hence, Sanjay dresses up, wears makeup, and transforms himself into Sanjana. Only a few close friends of his were in on the charade.

Thus, Sanjay, dressed up as Sanjana, goes to the girls’ college. He (She?) gets admitted for learning to dance and get closer to the girls in there. Thus, Sanjay gets into the college and starts to get friendly with the girls there. He soon falls for Eva Grover and tries his best to impress her. Though Sanjana and Eva become good friends, Sanjay can’t reveal his true identity. It gets worse since Eva hates Sanjay for his childish antics and his brash ways. Things take a weird turn when the guys from his own college start to fall for Sanjana. Little do they know that Sanjana is really Sanjay all along. This shift in attention gets the girls' attention. They find that the same boys who were earlier drooling all over them are now trying to grab Sanjana’s attention. This gets them extremely jealous, and they try to get the guys’ attention back on themselves. Sanjay meanwhile, keeps getting closer to Eva and starts to show how Sanjay isn’t that bad a guy. Eva too starts to give way slowly and warms up to Sanjay. She admits she might have misjudged him.

The show was a hit success on Sony and one of the most popular programmes of its time. It starred some stellar names like Eva Grover, SwapnilJoshi, and Ali Asgar. The show gained immense popularity, especially with teenagers. It was highly appreciated for the comedy and drama content which was finely balanced. The narration and acting are handled nicely as were the actors’ comic timing. In spite of the story being over the top, it never really felt that way.