Hindi Tv Serial Amir Khusro

Amir Khusro Hindi tv-serials on DOORDARSHAN

People often tend to remember the great legends only at the time of crisis. Owing to the increase in diversified feelings amongst Indians, the veteran Director Rajbans Khanna had decided to work on the television serial project based on Amir Khusro.

The serial had sixteen parts that was set to telecast in a weekly manner. Every Wednesday, the program was aired on the Doordarshan Channel. Indians especially those who had present in the Northern Part of India cannot forget this exceptional man who had made the significant contribution to the entire world during the olden times. When the Ottoman Turks had invaded India, his father had settled along the Banks of River Ganga. The area had equated with the current region between Uttar Pradesh and New Delhi. His father had utmost faith in mystic of Sufi viz. Hazrat Auliya Nizamuddin.

Some of the Railway Stations between New Delhi Central to Hyderabad Nizamuddin had borne the names of these Sufi Saints indicating their impact within the Country during the regime of Ottoman Turks. His mother had met his father during a festival. They later had fallen in love and married to each other. During the birth of Amir, the Delhi had ruled by the Sultanate Regime. The year was 1253 and India had yet to see the invasion by the Mughal Emperors. Amir lived up to 72 years. During his lifetime, he had seen nine rulers who had ruled the entire territory of Delhi. During his initial years, Amir became fluent in many languages. Efficiency had become evident from the writings that he had presented in the form of poetry. Khusro had later pursued a career in historiography. However, he discontinued it to become a full time musician and linguist.

Finally, he moved along with the Warriors for battlefields to describe the happenings at war in the form of literature. Despite lacking critical description, Amir had presented the fights in a more precise manner as in a simple language though he had fluency in the other Languages of his writing. It could be understood even by a layman. He had broken the belief of the Indians that Literature could be written only in the Persian Language and started writing them in various languages of his knowledge. Keep watching for more parts to enrich your understanding about one of the authors in the history of the Indian Literary Arena.