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Transcendence Teasers, Trailers, Video& Songs

Transcendence is a sci-fi movie starring Johnny Depp as the scientist turned AI after a terrorist attack on the AI laboratories. ‘Transcendence’ serves as the directorial debut for Wally Pfister and stars talents like Morgan Freeman, Rebecca Hall, Kate Mara, Cillian Murphy, and few others.

The teaser for the movie gives us a clue to the central plot of the film. The voice over of Johnny Depp speaking about the tremendous expanse between the capability of a human against that of a basic AI to the clips of an electrons neurological system is bone-chilling as it is a very real situation that the humankind will have to face. The music is eerie in its quality with a building progression as the dramatic part of the trailer comes into play. The name ‘Transcendence’ implies that the story will follow an evolution of the human consciousness into a supercomputer that will surpass the collective consciousness of all mankind.

The concept of the movie is ingenious but viewers felt the execution to be lacking. The suspense built by the teaser lacks to carryover into the film and the story lacked the coherent direction and dialogue it needed to transcend the others of its genre. The movie even received the Worst Film Award and tied for the first place with Interstellar.