The Theory Of Everything


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The Theory Of Everything Teasers, Trailers, Video & Songs

The Theory of Everything is a biographical drama based on the memoir by Jane Wilde Hawking called ‘Travelling to Infinity: My Life with Stephen.’ James Marsh directed the film adapted by Anthony McCarten. The storyline follows the life of Stephen Hawking the before and after effects of the Motor Neurone Disease, his struggles with his degenerating motor functions, and his incredible achievements in the world of physics.

The trailer for the movie brings out the main essence of the story. It is brilliant in its narration of the crucial bits of the film. The cinematography captures the raw emotions of the characters, and the soundtrack adds to the melancholic vibe of the trailer. The reviews of critics on the background of a galaxy is a witty allusion to Hawking’s theory on the beginning of time.

The performance of the actors, especially, the portrayal of Hawking by Eddie Redmayne is powerful and touching. Stephen Hawking himself was supportive of the film and even lent his actual electronic voice for the video. Eddie Redmayne underwent a daunting task of embracing the role and all the physical challenges that it entailed. The movie received several nominations and won quite a few awards for its outstanding original score, stellar cast and director, and a tear-jerking screenplay