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Max Trailers,Teasers & Video Songs

The trailer begins with a miraculous scene about how a dog saves the lives of soldiers from bomb blasts. They say that he is a genuine hero. The dog Max is handled by Kyle. Kyle introduces Max to his family through a video call. Kyle dies and Max starts behaving strangely. But it stays calm in the presence of Justin, Kyle’s younger brother. After seeing the bond between Max and his brother in a video, Justin gets very emotional. Justin tries to befriend Max with the help of his friends. They together attempt to uncover a secret illegal act happening in the woods. The video has received 3,643,765 views on Official Warner Bros. Uk page. Trevor Rabin and Jennifer Hammond contributed the music. Boaz Yakin has directed the movie Max.

Max is a Malinois dog helping U.S. Marines and handled by Kyle Wincott. Kyle realizes that the weapons seized by his squad have gone missing and that his friend Tyler has a part to play in it. He warns him not to involve himself in such tasks. Later, they go into battlefield along with their squad, where Kyle gets shot and killed. Due to the trauma of losing Kyle, Max gets depressed. When Justin visits Max, he stays calm. So, they suggest taking Max along with him. Initially reluctant to befriend Max, Justin gradually becomes very close to Max.

They develop a strong bond. When Tyler visits them once, Max starts barking loudly at him in an enraged manner. This confuses Justin about Max’s behavior. He sees a DVD depicting the connection between Kyle and Max and gets very emotional. Max, Justin and his friends together discover that Tyler is involved in illegal sale of weapons. Tyler tries to prove that Max has gone crazy but his attempts fail. Tyler realizes that his reality has been known so tries to harm Justin’s father Ray. Max, Justin and his friends face Tyler’s dangerous and life threatening traps with the help of Max, they save Ray.

Max becomes a permanent member of the family. The movie amazingly displays the benevolent, friendly and loyal nature of a dog towards his friends. The manner in which it describes how even they become emotional and start feeling for people is very heart-warming. It received mixed responses from the critics.