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Knock Knock Teaser, Trailer & Video Songs

Knock Knock is based on the horror/thriller genre. The trailer is about a married architect who makes a poor choice of cheating on his family and pays the price for it. The movie title is an allusion to the ‘knock knock’ jokes, but, in this case, it has a sinister undertone. The trailer starts off showing a happy family celebrating Father’s day. After his family leave for the beach, he goes back to his work till he hears a knock on the door. Two beautiful, wet and stranded girls are standing on his doorstep and being the kind person he is; he offers them help.

But he soon starts to regret it as he realizes that they have an ulterior motive. He tries to buff their advances but soon gives in to the lust. After a one night stand, he comes to his senses and kicks them out. But, that is not the end of those two girls. Though it might have been the husband’s fault to accept their advances towards him, this movie shows the heinous side of the human nature. It has a satirical tone on conveying a story about a dangerous cat and mouse game filled with seduction and torture. The movie seems to be just one huge joke with the girl’s vengeance as the plot and the husband’s life as the punch line.