Kavvintha is a low budget film that was in the news for a long time With competition from films like Killing Veerappan let rsquo s see how this film has turned

Kavvintha Movie Review

Kavvintha Review Telugu Movie Review
By nettv4u.com
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Runtime: 1 Hour 58 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 08-01-2016
Genre: Romance, Drama
2 / 5.0

Kavvintha is a low budget film that was in the news for a long time. With competition from films like Killing Veerappan let’s see how this film has turned out.


Vijay Dharan Datla enjoys life to its fullest and lives in a village. He is smitten by Deeksha who happens to be his close family member. And predictably, Deeksha’s parents disapprove of his life. In the meantime, an evil don decides to flourish his fake currency business in Vijay’s village. Hence, he keeps some fake currency in the village. And yes you heard it right. Vijay becomes involved in this and his life turns upside down. What happens to his love life? How does he brave against all odds? Watch the movie in your favorite theatre to find out.

Star Peformances

The lead pair, Vijay and Deeksha Panth emits confidence on screen. Deeksha is at her glamour best in the movie and the village belle role is apt for her. Vijay's spontaneous acting deserves credit. 


Kavvintha is set in the backdrop of the rustic side of Andhra Pradesh. This film has nothing new to offer and the director Vijay Chowdary Tripuraneni has traversed the safer side. But what to do? Such age-old films will work in the box office.

What’s there?

  • The movie will be appealing to the youth for its romance element.
  • The narration is very good.
  • The second half goes in an engrossing manner.
  • A couple of songs are picturized nicely.
  • The movie has a naïve simplicity in it.
  • Cinematography is excellent. 

What’s not there?

  • Sunil Kashyap’s music could have been more peppy, given that the movie caters to the youth.
  • You will guess what happens in the next scene.
  • Some scenes could have been avoided including the vulgar comedy.
  • There is no intensity in the characters of the film, especially that of the villain.
  • The movie is devoid of logic sometimes.


Don’t endeavor to book the ticket with expectations.