Well hellip first things first hellip Karma has become the first ever Tamil film to have a worldwide release through several online platforms The film was rele

Karma Movie Review

Karma Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " Karma"
Runtime: 1 Hour 15 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 16-09-2016
Genre: Crime
3.75 / 5.0



  • Music Director:
  • L.V Ganesan
  • Cinematographer:
  • V.B Sivanandam
  • Editor:
  • Vinoth Balan
  • Director:
  • Screenplay:
  • Lyricist:
  • Kaviperarasu Vairamuthu

Well…first things first…Karma has become the first ever Tamil film to have a worldwide release through several online platforms. The film was released online by veteran Bollywood filmmaker Anurag Kashyap and you can watch it in iTunes, Amazon Video and Google Play in “pay per view mode”. By doing so, you can watch the movie at your leisure in complete HD quality. Now let’s delve into the film which is creating ripples at international level.


Karma is of the mystery genre, and revolves around a murder. The hero is a renowned crime novelist and his wife is killed.  The crime branch interrogates him in this regard. This interrogation paves way to suspecting several people. However, it’s the interrogation officer’s perception that is something interesting.Watch the movie to know the rest of the story.  

Star Performances

The director R Arvind shines frame by frame in the film. The screenplay gives enough scope for performance. 


R Arvind has also penned the script and directed the movie. It is interesting to learn that the director doesn’t have any training in the different aspects of filmmaking. He learnt the art just by watching movies. The movie is an experimental one and the director should be appreciated for that. The good news is that this innovative film has been the only Indian selection for Hollywood Sky Film Festival. The movie is a production venture of Creative Criminal.

The Madrid International Film Festival also acknowledged this film by nominating R Aravind for Best Director in the Foreign Feature Best Movie category.

What’s there?

  • The movie has a novel screenplay which will be liked by the audience.
  • The concept is very interesting.
  • The dialogues are engrossing.
  • With its crisp timing the movie captures our attention.

What’s not there?

  • If you want to watch only your favorite established heroes on screen then think twice (however the screenplay compensates for this void)
  • The music sometimes tests our patience.
  • You should watch the movie with your full concentration to be in flow with the pace.


Such progress in Indian cinema is a welcome sign. The movie is worth your time.