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The Fighter Suman is a Hindi action, suspense, and thrilling film released in 2023. Ravi Sagar is the film s writer and director. Liaquat Gola, Mohan Kumar S, R

The Fighter Suman Movie Review

The Fighter Suman Movie Review Hindi Movie Review
Written by Greeshma Reddy
Review for the film " The Fighter Suman"
Runtime: 02 Hour 07 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 14-07-2023
Genre: Action, Drama
3 / 5.0

The Fighter Suman is a Hindi action, suspense, and thrilling film released in 2023. Ravi Sagar Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Ravi Sagar is the film’s writer and director. Liaquat Gola, Mohan Kumar S, Ravi Sagar, MP Shivkumar, and Raghavandra Singh are the film’s producers. Zubin Paul is the music director, and Sri Murthy Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Sri Murthy is the cinematographer. Dimension Pictures and MMR Movie Creations are the film’s production companies.

Dharma Keerthiraj He is the villain who took the Kannada film indust >> Read More... Dharma Keerthiraj , Rajani Bharadwaj Rajani Bharadwaj is a Kannada film industry actres >> Read More... Rajani Bharadwaj , and Nimika Ratnakar Nimika Ratnakar is a Kannada movie actress who has >> Read More... Nimika Ratnakar are the leading cast. Zayleen Ganapathy, Balraj Wadi, and Govinde Gowda Govinde Gowda is an emerging Indian film Actor bor >> Read More... Govinde Gowda play supporting roles.


The film revolves around Suman, the son of a wealthy businessman. He falls in love with a girl named Pooja. But his love does not last for long. Pooja is killed mysteriously, and Suman is shattered by this. He leaves his family and moves to a new city to recover from his loss. 

Here, he meets another girl named Pooja, who provides him with emotional support and helps him to overcome his grief. As their bond grows stronger, Suman learns the truth about Pooja’s mysterious death. He decides to take revenge against all those involved in this death.

Who killed Pooja and why? What is the link between the two girls named Pooja? What truth did Suman discover? Will he be successful in taking revenge for his first love’s death?

Star Performance

Dharma Keerthiraj, who played the role of Suman, gave an excellent performance. From a happy true lover to a depressed guy, she shows all the emotions in a balanced proportion. His dialogue delivery and expressions are superb. His grief due to the loss of his girlfriend looks very natural and realistic to viewers.

Rajani Bharadwaj and Nimika Ratnakar perfectly executed their part. Both look beautiful on the screen. Zayleen Ganapathy also looks good in the character of Sonu. The rest of the supporting cast gave wonderful performances.


The film is a dubbed version of the Kannada film Suman. It is full of love and revenge. The second half is more engaging as it is full of twists, and many secrets are revealed. However, there is nothing new in the film’s story. There have been many revenge stories like this in the past, and due to this, there is not much excitement among the viewers to watch this film. The script and dialogues are weak. The director has focused mainly on action and violence.

What’s There?

• A Suspenseful film with various twists and turns.

• Love, Revenge, and Action elements.

• Action and stunt scenes are thrilling.

• A beautiful love story between the lead cast.

• Neat cinematography.

• Good music.

What’s Not There?

• Weak script.

• Weak editing.

• Minor technical glitches.


The Fighter Suman is a one-time watch film. The twists, performances of the cast, and action scenes hold the film firmly. Watch this film and solve the death mystery of Pooja.