A movie about dance, friendship, and love. A simple love story but with not so famous stars, the Actor Sanjay Kanoujiya and Actress Asmita Joglekar. This movie

Dance Dosti Aur Ishqool Decoding Teenagers Movie Review

Dance Dosti Aur Ishqool Decoding Teenagers Movie Review Hindi
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " Dance Dosti Aur Ishqool Decoding Teenagers"
Runtime: 2 Hours 25 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 26-02-2016
Genre: Drama, Romance
2 / 5.0

A movie about dance, friendship, and love. A simple love story but with not so famous stars, the Actor Sanjay Kanoujiya and Actress Asmita Joglekar Asmita Joglekar is an Indian film actress, popular >> Read More... Asmita Joglekar . This movie is directed and written by 'Raju Soni.' which tells us about the passion and dedication towards it. In this, it is about 'DANCE.’ The producer of this movie is Kanhaiya Lal Kanoujiya, and Santosh Puri is the music director. The singers are Dev Negi, Hricha Narayan, Munawar Ali and much more. Appu Sharma handles the Cinematography.


The story revolves around two school going kids, Mayank and Anamika and their love for dance. Mayank is some middle -class boy who loves to dance but not so good in studies, and his parents on the other hand, like middle class thinking people who want their children to be good in academics rather than dancing. Talking about Anamika, she recently has joined Mayank's school and good in studies. Also, Anamika’s dream is to make her mother's dream come true by being a perfect dancer. Destiny brings them together, and they begin to enjoy each other's company. They have the same passion which makes them even closer. Anamika helped Mayank in his studies and Mayank trained her to be a good dancer. They started practicing daily to achieve perfection, but their parents misunderstood them as a pair. The twist came when they ran away from their homes to participate in some dance competition, and they got stuck with a bunch of dangerous gangs. Will they able to get to the competition? Will, Mayank, and Anamika achieve their dreams? Is there something beyond friendship? Well, you have to watch the film for that.


This is Raju Soni's first film in direction and also written by him. Despite of normal and not so famous star cast the film is one-time watch. We have seen many films based on dance with big budgets and high-fi stars in it, well this is a dance movie but with simplicity and mix of romance. Well-written story was missing. The story is same; two school kids fall in love with their passions about dance. If you are looking for a time-pass, you can watch, but it is not worth spending money.


Sanjay Kanoujiya has done an average performance but danced very well. On the other hand, Asmita Joglekar has done satisfaction to her acting job. The chemistry and dancing are also average. Other star cast has also done average work, but fits in the movie.


1. The struggle of a middle-class family boy, to follow his dreams. 2. Music is pleasing but average.


1. A Good storyline is missing. 2. The movie lacks the potential to attract the bulk of audiences. 3. The story is very much predictable with same concepts of dancing and falling in love.


If you want a simple story to time -pass you can watch it. Otherwise, it is not that type of movie in which you would like to spend money.