Tamil Web Series Uyire - Zee5 - Cast & Crew

1. Guna

guna.png Guna is a popular stage name for Durai Guna. He is an Indian Writer who predominantly works in the Tamil Cinema aka Tamil Film Industry. He was brought up in the state Tamil Nadu. He belongs to a small region called Kulanthiranpatti in the Pudukottai district of the state. Durai is originally from a small village in Tamil Nadu, he was thrown out of his village for writing a book which allegedly had false information. Guna has faced a lot of discrimination against him as he is a Dalit. Even in the 21st century, some orthodox citizens of Tamil Nadu believe in the caste system and deny the freedom of speech to the so-called backward classes. Guna is married to a woman named Kokila who belongs to the same caste.