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Written By - Team Nettv4u

Pahunch is a game reality show in Nepali. Its first episode was released on 23rd September 2016 on NTV. Its season 1 had thirteen episodes. The purpose of this show was to change the negativity and false stereotypes that people have about police. The aim was to show the importance of coordination and trust between the Nepal Police and civilians. The show host was the actress Reecha Sharma Reecha Sharma is an actress, model, and video jock >> Read More... . The show was produced by SFCG (Search for Common Ground).

Eight contestants from different socio-economic backgrounds were chosen. For example, a basketball player named Maya Syangten, a makeup artist named Sophie Sunuwar, etc. Under the guidance of Nepal Police, the contestants solve some fictional cases of human trafficking, homicide, domestic violence, etc. The Nepal Police made the imaginary clues, settings, and background of the cases more realistic with their experience. The winner was awarded with a cash prize of 200,000 rupees.