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Nupa Sabi is an Indian drama serial premiered in 2019 on RM Productions' YouTube Channel. The serial focuses on the life Michael, a young and handsome college guy as he falls in love with a tomboy girl. Michael has just begun to experience his college life with Len, his best friend. Both guys used to roam in college campus and check out their classmates. After a few days, Michael realised there are not many girls who are fashionable and good looking as per his taste. During his initial days in college, Thadoim caught Michael's attention for her unique and strong aura. Thadoim is a tomboy girl who doesn't get along well with many people.

When Michael was flirting with her friends and made them feel uncomfortable, Thadoim gave Michael a warning not to bother her friends. Later, Michael kept clashing with Thadoim on various occasion. The story escalates when Michael visits his uncle's place and realizes that Thadoim is her relative. What will happen next? Watch the serial to find out. Nupa Sabi is a Manipuri language serial. It's written by Mani Moirangthem and directed by Rabi Kont. The lead cast of the serial includes Bickychand, Kajal, and Maxima. Watch Nupa Sabi on RM Productions' YouTube Channel.

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