Telugu Tv Show Something Special

Something Special Telugu tv-serials on Maa Music

Something Special is a show telecast on Maa Music TV channel in Telugu. It is a combination of a talk show, dance show, celebrity talking show, comedy show, and songs show. Ravi and Lasya host this show. They are the most entertaining duo present on Telugu television programs. They talk about every topic that is from music, the entertainment industry, the latest fashion trend, to latest songs. They also sing songs together. 

One of the most unique features of this show is that it calls random people who are following this show regularly.  They ask the phone callers to share some silly experiences live on the television. The host duo is like real-life Tom and Jerry and fight with each other and make the audience enjoy the show. This show is really something special. With a dice on the table in front of them and a bunch of newspapers, this show is really homely. They both try different ragas and sing them in different ways.