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Grudge Match Teaser, Trailer & Video Songs

The trailer starts with a news anchor describing the fiercest rivalry between two boxers Razor and Kid. They defeated each other once at two different situations, but there was never the third face-off between them. After thirty years, Razor is approached to provide motion capture for a video game. During the motion capture sequence at the studio, Razor and Kid confront each other and create a severe chaos. A grudge match is about to be held to decide who among them is best. They train hard for winning the game.

The animosity between those two can be seen clearly when the start accusing each other at the commencement of the match during a live telecast. This video received 3,979,296 views on Youtube. Warner Bros. Pictures released ten videos for the movie including one trailer, three TV spots, and six featurettes. Trevor Rabinrendered the energetic music for the background. The plot of the movie is very captivating. Razor and Kid are very powerful boxers who are undefeated by anyone else except each other. It depicts how the rivalry between two boxers in the ring deeply penetrates into their lives. Razor quits boxing before their third face-off and annoys Kid. Kid becomes wealthy but on the contrary, Razor has now become a financially troubled man.

After thirty years,Razor and Kid get involved into a brawl with each other while shooting for motion capture for a video game. Now, they have to get on a face-off for a fight in the boxing ring. The fight has been called a Grudge Match. Razor agrees so that he could settle his debts with the cash prize. He trains hard with his trainer Lightning and Kid trains under his son B.J. After some emotional and physical turbulence, Razor wins the match and is happy with the victory. The film received negative reviews from the critics and the viewers.