Vinveli Payana Kurippugal is scripted and directed by R Jayaprakash Athvik Jalandhar plays the lead role Pooja Ramakrishnan plays the female lead Ganesh Ragh

Vinveli Payana Kurippugal Movie Review

Vinveli Payana Kurippugal Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Review for the film " Vinveli Payana Kurippugal"
Runtime: 2 Hours 14 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 20-07-2018
Genre: Drama
2.5 / 5.0



  • Producer:
  • Yazh Mozhi R Babu Sankar
  • Music Director:
  • Director:
  • R Jayaprakash
  • Lyricist:
  • S Thamizh
  • Co-Producer:
  • R Jayaprakash
  • Director of Photography:
  • RD Lokesh
  • R Jayaprakash
  • Stunt Director:
  • Jogi Kumar
  • Supporting Actors:
  • Athvik Jalandhar
  • Pooja Ramakrishnan
  • Jogi Kumar
  • S Thamizh

Vinveli Payana Kurippugal is scripted and directed by R Jayaprakash. Athvik Jalandhar plays the lead role. Pooja Ramakrishnan plays the female lead. Ganesh Raghavendra is the music composer. Lokesh is the cinematographer.


Athvik Jalandhar is a biggie in his village. With the help of the minister, he controls all the organizations in his village. As the police also support Jalandhar, the people have no guts to speak against him. Jalandhar has a dream to go to space right from his childhood. When a US return guy tells him about the space travel, he decides to go to space. When he orders the organizations and movements under his control to give money to go to space, they replied him that they could spend for him to go to the US and not to space, as they don’t have that much money. But, Jalandhar didn’t accept it and tortured them. Finally, the public and Jalandhar’s enemies decided to kill him. The police turned against Jalandhar and he hides inside a forest. Did he come out? What happened to his space dream? Watch it in theaters!

Star Performance

The lead Athvik Jalandhar had performed well in his debut film. Supporting actors had also done their part well.


The director has come with a different plot. However, he should have concentrated on the screenplay. The movie looks like a TV Series. If he had concentrated well, then it would have attracted the audiences. However, it is not a bad attempt by the director. As the film is shot completely in the village, we get a feeling, as if we are in the village.

What’s There?

  • The unique plot is the first plus
  • Performances of the stars are good

What’s Not There?

  • Screenplay and the execution are amateurish
  • Looks like a TV Series


Although the film has negative points, it has a different script and good performances. If you want to watch a different film then, you could choose this for this weekend.