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Noor Zahir

Other names of Noor Zahir: Noor Zaheer
Urdu Author Noor Zahir
  • Gender : Female
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Noor Zaheer is a famous Indian feminist author. She is the daughter of Sajjad Zaheer and Razia Sajjad Zaheer. Noor’s father Sajjad Zaheer was an important person in the Indian freedom movement and a famous writer himself. Razia Sajjad Zaheer, Noor’s mother, also made important contributions to fiction and was dynamically involved in political and social causes. Her parents' literary and political experiences influenced and shaped Noor Zaheer's viewpoints and career track. She has taken some vital steps in giving a talk on socioeconomic issues, following the path of liberal Urdu authors of the 20th century. Noor Zaheer has been focused on storytelling and short stories to elucidate many societal challenges in her fictional career.

She has translated the Urdu language memoir "Hai Pairahan" by ʻIṣmat Cug̲h̲tāʼī, named "The Paper Attire," into English. She also directed a play named "Kahani Ki Kahani, Ismat Ki Zabaani" as part of a theatre festival in Lucknow in 2017. Besides her literary works, Noor Zaheer has been vigorously involved in social work. She contributes to the certification of spoken culture and renovating Buddhist monasteries in Himachal Pradesh, India. Noor Zaheer has a long list that shows her creativity and enthusiasm to explore numerous themes.

Some of her important works are "My God is a Woman" (2008), "Ret Par Khoon" (2010), "Denied by Allah: Angst Against the Archaic Laws of Halala, Triple Talaq, Mut'ah & Khula" (2015),, "Siyahi ki ek boond" (2018),"Surk̲h̲a kāravām̐ ke hamasafara" (2008), "सयानी दीवानी" (2020), "Āja ke nāma" (2012), "Apna Khuda Ek Aurat" (2015), "The Language They Chose Vol. I: Women's Writing in Urdu Vol I: Fiction" (2017), "The Language They Chose Vol. II: Women's Writing in Urdu Vol II: Non-Fiction" (2017), "Lettres à mes filles - Entre survie et espoir, les combats de la première femme politique afghane" (co-authored with Fawzia Koofi, 2022), and Translation of "Paper Attire" by ʻIṣmat Cug̲h̲tāʼī (2016).

Noor Zaheer's long list of works shows her promise of women's rights and social fairness and intensifies marginalized voices through the power of literature. Her contributions have got her acknowledgment, and he made an important imprint in the literary and feminist circles in India and outside India.


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