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Chand Michael

Rajasthani Director Chand Michael
  • Gender : Male
Written By - Team Nettv4u

Chand is an Indian artist who is an Anchor, Model, and Director. Chand is a native of Bhadra District in Rajasthan. He completed his education at the University of Delhi. He is also the owner of the Music Studio ‘Soundscape,’ and provides various services such as song recording, mix-mastering, all types of music classes, and music production.

Chand also directed various music videos such as “Dhora Mathe Jhupdi,” “Sakhiya Ghalle Ghoomer,” “Supno,” “8 pm,” “Preet Ra Rang,” “Gud ki Dali,” “Reet Milan Ri Aayi,” “Hatheliya Re Bich,” “Kangasiya” and “Kanthi Pe Mor Bole.” He also gets featured in various music videos such as “Tharo Inzaar,” “Kali Scorpio,” “Bawli,”“BalamSharabi,” “Moriyo,” “Ghagra,” “Balam Tera,” “Jija Tu Kala,” “Ak 56,” “Or Rand De,” “16 Shringar,”“Ghoom Ghaghre Aali.” Chand music production company also produces many songs such as “Tere Bare Soniy,” “Chhori Rajasthan and “Laddu.”