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Kheteshwar Mahima Rajasthani TV SERIALS on YouTube Channel
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Kheteshwar Mahima is a Rajasthani TV serial that was telecasted on the YouTube channel "Kheteshwar Mahima" in 2017. This is the story of a saint of Rajasthan, Kheteshwar, who belongs to the Raj Purohit Raj Purohit is a director who works in the Bollywo >> Read More... community and became a sannyasin. He was a devotee of Brahma.

It was directed by Sunny Mandavarra and produced by Chanchal Kumawat.Kheteshwar always preached nonviolence, chastity, high moral values, and the conservation of natural resources. He emphasized the significance of attaining self-realization and humanity in man-made divisions in society, like casteism. He is the founder of the second-largest Brahma temple, named Brahmadham in the village of Asotra in the Barmer district of Rajasthan.

This is a unique temple as it contains Lord Brahma alongside his consort Savitri. Kheteshwar always gave awareness to work towards creating a better society and community. When he realized it was time to leave his earthly body, he conveyed it to his followers, and on the day after the inauguration of the temple in Asotra, he took samadhi in the name of the Lord Brahma.



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