Gokul Athokpam Hindi Actor

Gokul Athokpam is an actor of Manipuri films. He is an Indian artist. He was born at Thangmeiband, Imphal, Manipur. He is an actor and producer of Meitei Films. We do not have any more information about his birth or family, but he is a guy who established himself with his hard work and determination. He acted in many movies like Nobap (2009), Luhongbagi Ahing (2011) and Tabunungda Akaiba Likli (2013). In 2014, Eidee Kadaida, Leikhamton and Thabaton 2 were released. In 2015, he did Sanagi Tangbal, Ikaibana Sire and Imoinu. These were tremendous hits. He had worked in Tharo Thambal, Ingagi Thanil, Khongfam and Ningol Chakkouba in 2016. In these movies, he grades up from his earlier position. The Tampa, Itao Ibungo Nungsibee, Mani-Mamou and Yumliema were released in 2017.

These are memorable movies that represent his skill and perfectionism. His career started from Shumang Leela and Lidishigi Gulap, Nangna Luhongdringie, and Lambidudei. In these films, his performance was so mind-blowing that he became the favorite of the audience. Gokul Athokapam has played antagonistic characters also in his starting career. He had to work hard. He had to struggle for his acting career. Lucy Kamei, Tayai, Thouri, Western Sankirtan and Lamjasara were his best films. In 2001, he got the nickname of the Dawn Actor. Film Academy Manipur (FAM) nominates him for the 4th and 5th film Vision Special Awards of 2009-10 and 2010-11. Sahitya Seva Samiti and Film Forum Manipur (Kakching) organized the 3rd Sahitya Seva Samiti Manipur Film Fare Award, SSS MANIFA 2014 on 21 April 2014.

He won the Best Actor Award in it for the Meitei movie Thajagee Maihing. His acting was very appreciable in it. He had done some production work also in Tayai. Gokul is an upcoming actor and producer. He is the pride of Manipuri cinema and is foreseen to shine in the future. Audience hopes to see him more in theatres. His fame is at the pinnacle. Maybe he will come soon in Manipuri platform with a new style and looks. People like his style and try to follow. Recently, he is the first choice of youngsters. With the best compliments and wishes, we are proud of his work, support and eager to see him next time. Thanks.