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Telugu Actress Aswini’s Fairytale Look

A little girl always dreams of having a perfect fairytale life. Have gowns and dresses like Cinderella, hair like Rapunzel and looks like Jasmine. Well, Aswini is all this combined and much more. The white lace dress is a perfect choice for Aswini. She looks serene and heavenly. An ideal compilation of any little girl’s dreams is what Aswini is.

The white dress is just the apt choice for her. Those long tresses are curled with perfection; they give the right amount of bounce in her hairs. In her photo stills, the actress poses for the camera, with grace. Her accessories suit the dress. The earrings are a must-have for every girl. They go well with Indian and Western wear. The watch and the shoes, which are also white, could have been a different color to add a bit of festivity and merriment to the otherwise monotone outfit. The golden bracelet adds a bit of shimmer, but that isn’t enough for the dress.