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Telugu Ammayi Telugu Tv shows on Zee telugu

As the name suggests is a Telugu reality TV show that was the most booming shows to be broadcasted because of its enthralling concept that acted as a magnet for the audiences. This show is zealous, adventurous and one of a kind. The notion of this show also inspired the show called, ‘Desi Girlz’. Both of these shows had a similar concept although Telugu Ammayi telecasted before the latter one. Mainly homemakers were the target audiences of this show along with a few interested young girls but as the show launched, men, women, children and even elderly people were interested in the show. The show aired in September 2012.

This show is about presenting Telugu struggling actresses’ with daily life activities of a village. They are made to all kinds’ duties which a commoner in the rural area has to do, For instance, milking a cow, fetching water, sowing seeds, etc. In short, they have to undertake all the everyday things of rural life. The actresses are taken to some selected rural areas in Andhra Pradesh where they have to perform these tasks along with following and respecting all of their cultural norms. Also, they have to entertain the people of that particular villager in order to win their hearts, so that they can be later announced as winners at the end of the game.

The actress with the maximum number of votes is titled as, ‘Telugu Ammayi’. In every new episode the show crew goes to a new village with new celebrity contestants and after a few episodes, one girl was eliminated who failed to the required tasks. There are many interesting incidents in the show such as the one on one girl fight in dirt. Few of the girls didn’t like each other and took their anger out on the field. It is fun to watch the girls’ struggles even to do the smallest of chores. The planning and politics between the girls also add a pop factor to the show.

All in all, it is really enjoyable to watch and is great time pass. Shows like this are preferred by people because as we are growing, we are leaving behind our cultural roots, and these shows are a fun way to bring back awareness about our roots in the minds of people. They are doing a great job in making people culturally more aware along with providing entertainment to the television watchers. You should lineup this show to your list of must-see shows!