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Reshma Shah

Pahari Singer Reshma Shah
  • Gender : Female
Written By - Team Nettv4u

Reshma Shah is a Garhwali folk singer who belongs to Uttarakhand. She started her music career at an early age. She was married off after her mother’s demise. It did not stop her from making music videos and promoting her culture. Reshma has released several folk songs in her musical career such as ‘Bachnu Mama’, ‘Jawan Chora ’, ‘Bimla’, ‘Khari Bibito’, ‘Raja ki Rawai ’, and many more. She is known for her cultural touch in all her music videos showcasing the Garhwal culture with its vibrant outfits, jewelry, and traditional dance. She has received recognition both in India and abroad for her talent.

Her album released in February 2024 has gained significant recognition as she was awarded the ‘Ustad Bismillah Khan Youth Award’. In this album, she represents the civilization and cultural aspects of the mountain region in India. The Indian people staying abroad invite her occasionally for her song performances to relive their culture. Reshma is setting an example to the present generation to use their regional dialects often to showcase their rich cultural background to worldwide. She has also received the national award for promoting the culture of Uttarakhand.