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Other names : Harke Habaldaar
Harke Haldar Nepali TV SERIALS on Kantipur Television
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Harke Haldar is a comedy series directed by Prakash Subedi Prakash Subedi AKA, Rajatpat uncle, is a Nepalese >> Read More... . The writer of this show is Sailendra Simkhada Sailendra Simkhada is a well-known comedian and ar >> Read More... . The show was released on the channel Kantipur TV. The show revolves around the life of Harke Hawaldar and his irritating neighbors. The comedy timing is what made this show a success. This show has released more than 600 episodes now, which can be viewed on the Kantipur TV HD YouTube channel anytime for free. The primary role of Harke Haldar was played by Bishnu Sapkota Bishnu Sapkota is a renowned Nepali actor born and >> Read More... . Ashe was played by Asha Khadka Asha Khadka is a famous Nepali actress. She has wo >> Read More... . Khambe was played by Indra Dong Lama Indra Dong Lama is an actor born and raised in Nep >> Read More... , and Batul was played by Roshani Sapkota Bio coming soon... >> Read More...