Hindi Tv Serial Dekh Video Dekh

Dekh Video Dekh Hindi Tv serials on Colors tv
Colors launched the show, “Dekh Video Dekh” on March 19, 2011. It is the Desi version of the popular comedy shows, America’s Funniest Home Videos and Australia’s Funniest Home Videos. These are the upfront videos sent in by the audiences and shot from everywhere in their houses or surroundings. It is a 30-minute show that will disclose the Indian home videos. Dekh Video Dekh aims to tickle its viewers and make them laugh to the max. Viewers will hear a dubbed voice-overs and one-liners while the video is playing, which will amplify the fun and laughter. Aside from the layman’s videos, stars from Colors TV will also have their own candid videos and the locations of their shoot. Colors will capture the stars in their off-guard moment and will surely uncover them out of their characters. The show will be hosted by Sunil Grover Sunil Grover is a stand-up comedian and a talented >> Read More... , an Indian stand-up comedian and actor from Bollywood that can make his audience laugh with his actions. He said, anchoring the Dekh Video Dekh is a unique experience for him, since he finds it hard to hold back his laughter when watching the Desi videos.

Dekh Video Dekh is a hilarious and entertaining home video from all over India. Be it a blooper at a party or any events, or a crazy moment with your special someone or even a random funny disaster, the show will cover the actions and the reactions of everyone around this hilarious reality show. Viewers have an opportunity to send their own home videos and Colors will play it on the show. They will also be invited to the show depending on their availability.

The stress-buster Dekh Video Dekh is produced by I Am Production; the annex of the Ramanand Sagar’s Company and aired every Saturday. The producer Aakash Sagar Chopra, denies that the show is not the same as the America’s Funniest Home Videos since they primarily acquire the Indian market. And viewers will not only see the home videos, but the actors behind the scene as well, which is a different portion of the show and it is not part of the funny videos, where one will be chosen as the best. This concept is to see the lighter and funny side of the actors and actresses too.