Queen Jamillia Of Naboo, Played By Ayesha Dharker

Queen Jamillia Of Naboo, Played By Ayesha Dharker Hindi Article

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Ayesha Dharker was born in Bombay, India. Her mother, Imtiaz Dharker, is a British- Pakistani documentary filmmaker, artist, and poet, and her father, Anil Dharker, is an Indian columnist. She made her acting debut in Manila: Une vie plus tard, Francois Villiers’s film. She also featured in several American, Indian, and French films. You must have seen her in Doctors, Coronation Street, Cutting It, The Indian Doctor, and Walking Dead if you love British TV series.

She was recently asked how she chooses her roles, and her response was interesting. Dharker claimed that she uses two criteria to select a role. First, she finds out whether the role would stretch her in some way. Second, she stated that she only goes for roles she believes will be fun, and she really wants to work with the other people in the cast.


In this regard, Dharker claimed that she chose her role in because it was fun, and she loved working with the other people doing it. Director Robin Gurland revealed that Dharker’s challenging and compelling role as a youthful suicide bomber questioning her resolve caught his attention.

When asked about her role in Episode II, she stated that she did not spend much time agonizing about it. She claimed that it was only five lines, and her magnificent costume did all the acting on her behalf. Dharker also admitted that she had lots of fun as Queen Jamillia. According to behind-the-scenes reports, she spent a month in Australia, one and a half weeks in Lake Como, and a few days in Caserta, Italy, for only half-a-day shooting. So you can see why she had plenty of fun playing that role.  

Queen Jamillia of Naboo


Jamilia was a human female that served as Queen of Naboo in the final years of the Galactic Republic. When Padme Amidala’s term came to an end, she unsuccessfully ran for office in a race she lost to Reillata. Jamillia later became queen during the Clone Wars. 

Queen Jamillia was the Queen of Naboo after Amidala. She featured in the film Attack of the Clones and its comic adaptation. Moreover, actress Ayesha Dharker played Jamillia in the film. Fans know little about Jamillia save as she convinced Padme to serve Naboo as a senator.


Jamillia’s roots can be traced back to planet Naboo. The people of Naboo elected Queen Padme Amidala to serve a two-year term. When her term ended, her people tried to change the constitution to extend her office time. Amidala declined the offer, and Jamillia ran for office but lost. However, she never gave up; she ran again later and was elected queen. 

 Ten years after the Invasion of Naboo, there was an attempted assassination targeting Amidala. The assassination was planned by the Confederacy of Independent Systems, a coalition of star systems that wanted to secede from the Republic. Because her life was in danger, the Supreme Chancellor of the Republic and the High Council of the Jedi Order decided to send her to a secure retreat on Naboo. 

At the beginning of Amidala’s exile, Jamillia met her in the Royal Palace. They deliberated on the possibility of a looming full-blown conflict between the Republic and Separatists at their meeting. After a while, their fears came to pass as the Clone Wars broke out between the two splinter groups. Jamillia reigned for four years and was succeeded by Queen Neeyutnee. 


Jamillia and Padme have a history together. She is the one who persuaded Padme to stay in politics after representing her in the senate even though she was no longer an incredible teen. Naboo is known for its love for teen politicians. 

Queen Jamillia is also the first queen of color to be featured in Star Wars. She also makes a non speaking appearance towards the end of Revenge of the Sith. Unfortunately, she only made an appearance as Queen Jamillia in one scene. Still, you can read more about her transition from Queen to Senator in the upcoming Padme novel, Queen’s Shadow by E.K. Johnston.


When it comes to her personality, Queen Jamillia was relatively small. She had a round face, narrow chin, full lips, and pronounced cheeks. In addition, the queen had brown hair and eyes. Fans know her as a passionate defender of democracy who genuinely cared for Amidala’s safety. In the film, she wore a black robe and a golden headdress. 


During the Separatist Crisis, she was among the planetary rulers that opened up their worlds for refugees fleeing from the Galactic Republic. She also offered refugee status to the people of Torbel, a village on planet Lanteeb, which the separatists had occupied.                                                                                              

She featured in the following films:

  • Star Wars Battlefront II – Painting only.
  • Queen’s Shadow – she was only mentioned.
  • Queen’s Shadow Audiobook – She was only mentioned.
  • Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones – Her first appearance.